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Joe Biden, 80, Admits His Age ‘a Legitimate Thing’ to Question

Joe Biden on Wednesday evening questioned whether he should have launched a reelection campaign at age 80, telling supporters that if he wins, four more years is a long time.

Speaking at a campaign reception in New York, Biden admitted the decision to seek reelection at his age was not readily apparent.

“It wasn’t an automatic decision about running again,” Biden told supporters. “Not because I didn’t think there was more to do, but because I thought to myself…four more years means six more years. It’s a long time.”

Biden is 80 years old and would be 86 upon leaving office from a potential second term.

“It’s a legitimate thing to raise the question of age,” he added.

Biden’s concern is echoed in polling. A recent April survey revealed a whopping 45 percent of Democrats said Biden should not run, and 86 percent of those who gave this answer cited his age — 80 — as the reason.

A second poll indicated just 37 percent of Democrats want him to seek a second term, down from 52 percent in the weeks before the midterm elections.

Leading up to Biden’s decision to run, the establishment media levied attacks on Biden’s viability, while first lady Jill Biden constantly defended her husband in a series of high-profile media appearances.

The attacks were predicated on Biden’s age and cited polling that only 37 percent of Democrats want Biden to launch a reelection campaign.

“Many worry about Biden’s age,” one Associated Press article said. “And the party’s progressive wing has never been enthusiastic about Biden, who is perceived as a moderate, despite his lengthy list of achievements.”

Biden launched his reelection campaign in April. However, a poll completed on the day he announced found him at a record-low approval rating of 37 percent. Fifty-nine percent disapproved.

Biden’s current approval rating is 36 percent, a Washington Post and ABC News poll found Sunday.

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