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California Woman Sentenced After Supplying Guns, Money, to Cop She Thought was Hitman

A California woman was sentenced Thursday in a case where she was convicted of supplying guns and money in a murder for hire scenario to have her husband killed.

FOX News reported that the woman, Tatyana Remley, was arrested in August after supplying the guns and money to a person she believed to be a hitman, but who was actually a detective. The Daily Mail pointed out that Remley allegedly told the detective “detailed information on how she wanted her husband killed and his body disposed of.”

Remley and her husband filed for divorce on July 11, 2023, weeks before she was arrested over charges connected to the murder for hire.

On Thursday, December 29, 2023, Remley pleaded “guilty to charges of solicitation to commit murder and carrying an unregistered gun in exchange for a sentence of less than four years in prison.” The Toronto Sun noted that the murder was going to cost Remley approximately $2 million.

The Daily Mail observed that Remley and her husband “inherited $26 million from his parents,” then “went through a series of failed business ventures and a series of separations and reconciliations” until finally splitting for good last year.


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