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Interrogation Video of a Man Behind Trump National Doral Resort Shooting in 2018 Resurfaces — Claims Diddy is Gay and He was One of His Sex Slaves (VIDEO)

An interrogation video from 2018 involving Jonathan Oddi, a man involved in a violent episode at the Trump National Doral Resort in Florida, has come to light, revealing shocking allegations against music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs and singer Cassie Ventura.

In May 2018, Jonathan Oddi, a South African native, stormed into the lobby of the Trump National Doral Golf Club, flashing a gun and shouting anti-Trump rhetoric.

The situation escalated into a gunfight with law enforcement before Oddi was taken into custody. Oddi, a former male escort with a background that includes work as a stripper and adult porn star, has been incarcerated since the incident.

“Miami-Dade’s police director said Oddi removed a flag from the back of the property and entered the lobby early Friday morning shouting “anti-Trump rhetoric,” later shooting into the ceiling and chandeliers as officers rushed in. Five officers fired their weapons, Perez said, and Oddi suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the legs,” Union Leader reported.

During the police interrogation following his arrest, Oddi made startling claims about his personal encounters with Combs and his former girlfriend, Cassie. He described himself as having been a “sex slave” for the couple, detailing what he described as coercive sexual encounters under Combs’s direction.

“I had sex with Cassie and Sean. He would masturbate and tell me what to do with Cassie. I had like 15 encounters… I was like a sex slave. For them, that’s what I was. I caught herpes,” Oddi alleged during the interrogation.

The footage also captures Oddi asserting that Diddy is part of an underground group known as the Boule, which he suggests is connected to the Illuminati. He further claimed that Diddy, rapper Rick Ross, and DJ Khaled are secretly gay and that many well-known rappers are involved in drug smuggling.


These allegations bear a resemblance to accusations made by Cassie Ventura in a lawsuit against Diddy that was swiftly settled out of court. This lawsuit, filed five years after Oddi’s 2018 interrogation, had leveled similar charges against Combs. reported:

The first suit, filed in November 2023 by the singer Cassie, who dated Combs and was signed to his label, alleged that he urged her to have sex with male sex workers while he filmed, and that he later raped her. In another complaint, a woman identified only as Jane Doe says that in 2003, when she was 17, Combs had her flown on a private jet to New York, where he and two other men gave her drugs and alcohol and raped her. And in a suit filed in February, music producer Rodney Jones Jr., says that Combs grabbed his genitals without consent and forced him to “solicit sex workers and perform sex acts to the pleasure of Mr. Combs.”

Combs has denied the allegations, saying in a December statement, “I did not do any of the awful things being alleged. I will fight for my name, my family and for the truth.” After the February suit, a lawyer for Combs called Jones “nothing more than a liar who filed a $30 million lawsuit shamelessly looking for an undeserved payday.”

The resurfacing of the interrogation video has spurred a renewed wave of public interest and speculation over the claims made against Diddy and Ventura.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Homeland Security agents raided rapper and business mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Comb’s Los Angeles mansion as part of an ongoing sex trafficking investigation.

The lawsuit filed by producer Rodney Jones claims Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs used his affiliation with Prince Harry, along with other big-time celebrities such as T.D. Jakes, to give himself and his associates legitimacy when throwing sex-trafficking parties where sexual abuse allegedly occurred.

The Southern District of New York is extending its reach, issuing subpoenas to a network of corporations linked to Diddy. These include telecommunications companies and tech firms, with even aircraft operators being targeted in a sweeping collection of evidence.

Amidst this legal turmoil, Diddy has been divesting from major assets, including his shares in REVOLT TV, and returning music rights from Bad Boy Records.

There are also claims that Diddy has been operating as a confidential informant for the FBI, a role that might have afforded him protection from legal repercussions for his actions over the years.

Diddy’s former bodyguard has come forward, expressing a willingness to testify against him. This potential testimony, as well as corroborating statements from other insiders, could prove to be a turning point in the case.

The legal entanglements are compounded by a stunning allegation from Diddy’s former bodyguard, suggesting that Diddy has been a confidential informant for the FBI.

-Gateway Pundit


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