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Super Bowl LVIII: Chad Johnson says he’ll give up sex, marriage and McDonald’s if the Chiefs lose

Chad Johnson is just one of many celebrities in Las Vegas for media tours ahead of the Super Bowl, so plenty of big bets are being made.

However, there may be none bigger than this one.

OchoCinco is so confident about his pick for the big game, he’s willing to risk three of the most important things in his life: McDonald’s, his wife and sex — in no particular order.

The six-time Pro Bowler says there is zero chance the Kansas City Chiefs lose, and he’s apparently putting a lot on the line.

When asked by Bleacher Report Betting what he’d be willing to bet on the Chiefs, his first reply was hilarious.

“If the Chiefs lose, I won’t eat McDonald’s anymore. Ever,” the Cincinnati Bengals legend said.

When Johnson realized he could say “whatever” he wanted during the interview, he got a little bit more personal.

“Matter fact, if the Chiefs lose, I’ll divorce my wife and no more sex for the rest of the year. That’s how confident I am,” he said.

That last part is definitely risking a lot, as OchoCinco has never shied away from his life in the bedroom. He recently was on an Instagram Live video with former teammate Terrell Owens about their “lil orgy” with “17 women in 12 hours.”

Johnson is taking a risk, though, with Kansas City an underdog against the San Francisco 49ers.

But that hasn’t stopped the Chiefs yet. They were underdogs on the road in Buffalo and Baltimore, but their playoff experience has trumped the odds.

Nonetheless, Johnson knows how to keep things interesting. He didn’t call himself the “greatest entertainer” in NFL history for no reason.

The Super Bowl kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET Sunday.

-Fox News


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