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White House doesn’t commit to release of Biden interview transcript with Robert Hur

As Democrats defend President Joe Biden against accusations of memory loss, transcripts are likely to be one of the next battle lines.

White House spokesman Ian Sams, many prominent Democrats, and President Joe Biden himself have said the special counsel report’s accusations that he could not remember when he became vice president and the year his son died were inaccurate.

Several reporters questioned Sams about that, asking if the Biden administration will release tapes of the interviews in order to back up their assertions.

“Does the president support the release of the entire transcript of his interview to put to rest some of these things that you think are being overlooked?” a reporter said.

Sams said it was a reasonable question.

“It’s important to note that we’re dealing with classified materials in these conversations,” he said. “There are classification issues here. I don’t have any announcement on releasing anything today, but it’s a reasonable question… we’ll have to work through all that.”

The House Oversight Committee, which is leading an impeachment inquiry into the Biden family’s alleged foreign influence peddling, posted on X after the exchange: “Release the transcript!”

Another reporter followed up, asking why videos of the interviews couldn’t be released.

“It’s a transcript, and I already addressed this,” Sams said.

-Washington Examiner

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