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Conor McGregor Blasts Irish PM for Response to Hamas Release of Child Hostage, Officials Investigate Him for ‘Hate Speech’

UFC legend Conor McGregor torched the prime minister of Ireland for “downplaying” the release of an Irish child kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on Saturday.

McGregor called Prime Minister Leo Varadkar a “disgrace” for claiming that 9-year-old Emily Hand was first “lost” and then “found” after Hamas released the child.

But the UFC superstar blasted the PM for his framing of the incident after Varadkar said that the girl was “An innocent child who was lost has now been found and returned.”

Emily Hand was abducted during the horrendous attacks on Southern Israel perpetrated by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

McGregor was disgusted by the PM’s comment.

“She was abducted by an evil terrorist organization,” McGregor lashed out on X, according to Fox News.

“What is with you and your government and your paid for media affiliates constantly down playing/attempting to repress horrific acts that happen to children. You are a disgrace,” he added.

X also flagged Varadkar’s post with a community note.

“The terms ‘lost’ and ‘found’ are misleading. 8 year old Emily was ‘lost’ when she was kidnapped from a kibbutz by Hamas terrorists. She was ‘found’ 50 days later when she was exchanged by Hamas for 3 Palestinian prisoners,” the note reads.

McGregor has been increasingly speaking out about issues in Ireland and was recently seen blasting officials in Dublin for attacking Irish citizens on the heels of a riot to protest recent crimes committed by migrants.

Those posts have put him under the scrutiny of government authorities, who are now investigating him for “online hate speech” on social media, according to the Sunday Times.

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