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Report: More Men Getting Sterilized After SCOTUS Overturned ‘Right’ to Abortion

More men are choosing to get sterilized via vasectomy after the Supreme Court overturned the supposed “right” to abortion in its 2022 Dobbs decision, PBS News Weekend reported.

Gabrielle Hays — a communities correspondent for the PBS NewsHour out of St. Louis, Missouri — reported that there “absolutely is” an increased interest in vasectomies following the Dobbs decision and cited research from the Cleveland Clinic, which “essentially shows that nationally, we saw more than a 30 percent increase in requests for vasectomies…”

“…[A]nd then a more than 20 percent increase in people actually, you know, going through with the procedure,” Hays continued.

Hays spoke specifically with Missouri providers, who said they have seen an increase in the state — especially after the governor passed a near-total ban on abortion following the Dobbs decision:

And so providers tell me that, you know, they saw the number of people getting vasectomies rise as much as 100 percent last year. You know, for instance, a perfect example would be Planned Parenthood held a three-day vasectomy clinic and three different cities across state of Missouri. That was open to 100 people, a 100 people signed up 91 of them, I’m told, actually follow through and got the procedure.

I spoke to a doctor, Dr. Esgar Guarin also known as Dr. G, who has a mobile clinic in Iowa, he came from Iowa to St. Louis to help with the — with vasectomy patients last week, and he tells me, even in his state where he is with his mobile clinic, he drives all over the state in order to bring access to people not only looking for the procedure, and his state, but people coming from out of state to get it as well.

Guarin told Hays that before Dobbs, he was doing approximately 40 to 45 vasectomies a month. But “within the first 48 hours, 20 people signed up and we saw a bump of 100 percent in the number of vasectomies than we did in July of 2022,” he said.

“And that trend continued for three more months, and eventually it kind of came down. But at this moment ever since the Roe v. Wade was overturned, I can tell you that we have not gone back to the pre-Dobbs decision numbers,” he said. “So I can tell you that at least for our clinic, a 30 to 50 percent overall increase in the numbers. We’ve noticed since then, so it was a big impact.”

Hays also spoke with men seeking vasectomies. One patient who chose to become sterilized in 2022 “got it after the Dobbs decision because he was afraid that at some point maybe the option wouldn’t be available to him in the future,” she said.

Stories about both men and women choosing to get sterilized have become more common in the wake of the Dobbs decision. In May, CNN ran a report about how some women are “opting for sterilization” after the fall of Roe.

“I see about three times the consults for sterilization as I used to,” said Dr. Leah Tatum, a spokesperson for the pro-abortion American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), who practices in Austin, Texas.

One vegan restaurant waitress went as far as having her fallopian tubes removed to create a necklace out of them in protest of the Dobbs decision.

“The Connecticut native posted a video on her TikTok, that has since gone viral where she showed how she preserved the ‘organic matter’ in resin to create her neckpiece,” the New York Post reported.


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