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Rob Schneider Vows to Show ‘Christ’s Forgiveness’ After He Converts to Catholicism

Comedian Rob Schneider is a changed man. The Saturday Night Live alum has used social media to inform followers he has converted to Catholicism and announced his repentance for what he characterized as a failure to show “Christ’s forgiveness” to those he disagreed with.

Schneider went public at the end of last month to confirm his desire to forgive former opponents as he embraced his new-found faith and acknowledged there is no future in hate.

The 60-year-old began with a declaration that “I am the luckiest man in the world” and featured shout-outs to his wife, Patricia, and their three daughters, Elle, Miranda and Madeleine.

“Today I am reminded of what Dr. M Scott Peck told me over 30 years ago: At 40, you feel like you can conquer the world and there’s a sense that nothing can stop you,” he continued. “But at 60 you realize the very real fragility of life and [the] temporariness of it all. A humbling knowledge that there is indeed a time limit for all things and that God’s design though perfect, is precious far beyond its brevity.”

Toward the end of his post, a contrite Schneider confessed, “I am a new convert to Catholicism.” The comedian indicated his new faith changed everything as he offered “my apology for my lack of Christ’s forgiveness to my fellow man.”

Just last year he turned on his old show, saying he knew NBC’s long-running feature was “over” when Kate McKinnon performed “Hallelujah” in character as Hillary Clinton.

“I was so angry at the people who shut down the schools and indeed the world and coerced others to do things against their will which hurt many people deeply,” he recalled. “I offer my unconditional forgiveness and amnesty.”

The Christian Post reports Schneider outlined several examples of people he believes need forgiveness without naming any possible recipients.

“How can I stay mad at the famous singers who would not let others into his Broadway show unless they had an experimental jab,” he asked, referring to the coronavirus shots.

“I will never forget how kind he was to me and my friends when he was the musical guest on SNL.”

“How can I continue to hold a grudge against the actor who shamed people like me but has been such a great example for other actors to never give up and keep fighting for their dreams.

“How can I still be mad at the lovely actress that said she could no longer be friends with people like me who didn’t ‘get’ it, knowing how incredibly kind she is with every child she meets.”

Schneider confessed he was “humbled” by his Filipino-born mother, Pilar, who “was able to forgive the [World War] 2 occupiers of her Philippines who killed both her brothers.”

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