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Report: Canada Froze Bank Accounts, Bitcoin Wallets Belonging of 800+ Protesters Including Freedom Convoy

More than 800 Canadian citizens have had their bank accounts shut down since 2018, including hundreds who participated in the pivotal trucker protests against coronavirus policies in 2022, known as the Freedom Convoy.

According to records obtained by the Canadian news website Blacklock’s Reporter via the country’s Access to Information Act (ATIA), over 800 Canadian citizens have been “de-banked” over a period of five years.

These include hundreds of participants in the 2022 Freedom Convoy, some of whom also had their Bitcoin wallets frozen. In total, $7.2 million belonging to Freedom Convoy participants was frozen.

Via Reclaim the Net:

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada was brought into the loop through grievances lodged with regulatory bodies, shedding light on financial strangulation that bypassed cases of validated terrorism and money laundering.

In a deeper dive into the numbers, it’s revealed that the financial shackles tightened around 267 bank accounts and 170 Bitcoin wallets belonging to Freedom Convoy supporters, ensnaring an estimated $7.8 million. This exercise in financial censorship spun a web of scrutiny during a hearing on March 7, 2022, where Angelina Mason, representing the Bankers Association, testified. Mason outlined that while the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) supplied a list of names, banks were also mandated by separate orders to exercise their judgment in identifying account holders for de-banking.

Largely memory-holed by the legacy media, the Canadian Freedom Convoys, which saw truckers blockade key bridges and highways in protest against Canada’s coronavirus laws, brought the country to a standstill.

The episode saw the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau resort to draconian measures to quell the protest, including the arrest of protest leaders and even politicians who supported their activities. In total, 191 participants in the Freedom Convoy were charged with various offences by Canadian police.

Despite the crackdown, the Freedom Convoy achieved many of its goals. Many Canadian provinces dropped their coronavirus restrictions within weeks of the blockades, with the removal of border restrictions coming later in the year.


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