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Philadelphia Sheriff Cannot Account for 185 Firearms

A report from the City of Philadelphia Controller indicates that Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal cannot account for 185 firearms which are missing.

According to the report, the missing guns consist of “76 service firearms and 109 Protection From Abuse (PFA) weapons.” The Controller described these firearms as “unaccounted for.”

The PFA weapons are those from individuals ordered to hand over their guns until an order of protection is dismissed or expires, 6 ABC indicated.

The Controller recommended that “the Sheriff’s Office should attempt to locate the missing PFA weapons through tracking of court dockets and other information provided in the logbook. PFA weapons that are located and considered abandoned should be disposed of in accordance with the PFA Act and established City protocols for City property.”

The missing 76 service guns consists of one shotgun, four pistols, and “71 revolvers/handguns.”

On September 18, 2023, Breitbart News noted that eight people were shot dead in Democrat-run Philadelphia is less than 48 hours.


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