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Fox News Moderators Do Not Ask Single Question on Immigration in 1st Hour of GOP Debate

While likely Republican voters say immigration is among their top issues heading into the 2024 presidential election, Fox News moderators Bret Baier and Martha McCallum did not ask a single question on the subject in the first hour of the network’s GOP debate on Wednesday night.

During the first hour of the debate, moderators did not ask any questions about how Republican presidential hopefuls would end illegal immigration and whether they would back reductions to legal immigration levels.

Instead, Baier and McCallum focused their attention on climate change, gun control, abortion rights, Ukraine, and the charges against former President Donald Trump regarding the 2020 election.

The lack of immigration questions in the first hour of the debate came even as likely GOP primary voters have said in poll after poll for years now that eliminating illegal immigration and cutting the massive inflow of foreign workers to the United States labor market are among their top policy priorities.

The latest CBS News poll found that 81 percent of likely GOP voters said stopping illegal immigration is one of their top three issues they want to hear Republican candidates discuss.

In contrast, this week, Breitbart News published detailed questions and answers sent to all Republican presidential primary candidates about their plans regarding illegal immigration, as well as legal immigration.


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