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Rep. Lauren Boebert Files Articles of Impeachment Against Joe Biden: ‘Not Capable’ of Being President

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) announced Thursday she is filing new articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden in light of a border crisis and alleged bribery scheme.

“I have filed Articles of Impeachment now in this Congress just as I did in the last Congress, but I did it in a very special way. This time, I was sure to draft these so they can be brought up as a privileged resolution on the House floor at any time,” she said on The Benny Johnson Show.

“We know that Joe Biden is not capable of walking upstairs or standing on a stage without being sandbagged, let alone being President of the United States of America,” she added. “So I would love to see our committees actually do their job and bring up articles of impeachment in committee and have hearings and investigations with these so we can get more information out to the American people.”

Boebert said the articles of impeachment would pertain to Biden’s handling of the southern border.

“As a result of Traitor Joe’s dereliction of one of his most basic duties to defend the homeland and uphold the rule of law, we have a complete and total invasion taking place at our southern border,” she said.

“More than 5.3 million illegal aliens…have been caught crossing our southern border,” she added.

Boebert said if the Judiciary Committee did not take up articles of impeachment for Biden, she would bring her privileged resolution to the House floor, where it would have to be addressed within 48 hours.

She also said the Oversight Committee, which she sits on, is still investigating the bribery scheme involving Biden and his son Hunter Biden alleged in FBI documents.

“We are still having investigations on the bribery that we are seeing with these FD-1023 documents. We are trying to get the audio tapes that are out there, the 17 audio tapes — two of which are alleged that it’s Joe Biden recorded on these calls,” she said.

She said more bank records could be coming over the next week and more subpoenas are going out.


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