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Florida Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Bathroom Use Based on ‘Gender Identity’

Florida lawmakers have passed a bill addressing transgender-related issues — namely, growing concerns over allowing individuals to choose bathrooms based on gender identity rather than biological sex.

More specifically, HB 1521: Facility Requirements Based on Sex provides clear rules for the use of sex-based bathrooms and changing areas in certain facilities.

“The Legislature finds that females and males should be provided restrooms and changing facilities for their exclusive use, respective to their sex, in order to maintain public safety, decency, decorum, and privacy,” the legislation reads in part. Changing facilities, per the bill, include dressing rooms, fitting rooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, and more. Further, the legislation specifically defines “female” and “male.”

It defines “female” as an individual “belonging, at birth, to the biological sex which has the specific reproductive role of producing eggs” and “male” as a person “belonging, at birth, to the biological sex which has the specific reproductive role of producing sperm.”

Further, it clearly defines “sex,” effectively dismissing unscientific decisions based on “gender identity.”:

“Sex” means the classification of a person as either female or male based on the organization of the body of such person for a specific reproductive role, as indicated by the person’s sex chromosomes, naturally occurring sex hormones, and internal and external genitalia present at birth.

Overall, the legislation determines that:

A person who willfully enters, for a purpose other than those listed in subsection (6), a restroom or changing facility designated for the opposite sex at a public building and refuses to depart when asked to do so by an employee of the governmental entity for the public building that is within the governmental entity’s jurisdiction commits the offense of trespass as provided in s. 810.08.

It provides similar rules for correctional institutions, detention facilities, and educational institutions. According to Politico, the original legislation went even further, applying to bathrooms in businesses such as restaurants.

According to the Washington Post, Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to sign the bill into law. It would not be the first time the Florida governor has signed legislation designed to protect women, as he signed a landmark bill designed to protect women’s sports in June 2021.

“In Florida, girls are going to play girls’ sports and boys are going to play boys’ sports,” DeSantis said at the time.

His administration has also taken actions to protect children from the woke gender ideology pushed by the far left. Earlier this year, DeSantis defended Florida from President Joe Biden’s critiques, as the 80-year-old deemed it “close to sinful” to prevent the mutilation of minors in the name of “gender-affirmation.”

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