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Poll: Only 22% of Democrats Excited About Biden’s 2024 Campaign

Less than a quarter of Democrats feel excited about President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign for reelection, a CBS News/YouGov poll found Tuesday.

Just 22 percent of Democrats are excited that Biden launched a reelection bid, while only 28 percent say they are confident about his reelection effort.

The poll also found that Democrats are worried about the president’s age.

A whopping 45 percent of Democrats say Biden should not run, and 86 percent of those who gave this answer cite his age — 80 — as the reason.

A slim majority of 55 percent say he should contend for the 2024 nomination.

Overall, 59 percent of Americans disapproved of Biden’s performance as president. Just 41 percent approved. Only 17 percent strongly approved. Forty-one percent strongly disapproved.

The poll sampled 2,093 Americans from April 21-24 with a 3.2 margin of error.

The polling comes as a majority of the nation believes Joe Biden’s America is headed on the wrong track, a CIVIQs poll found this week. Sixty-seven percent of Americans say Biden’s America is headed in the wrong direction. Just 22 percent say it going in the right direction. Ten percent were unsure.

A recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll survey revealed about 40 percent of individuals who voted for Biden in 2020 do not what him to launch a reelection campaign. Thirty-five percent of respondents preferred a third-party candidate over Biden.


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