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CNN: Gun Sales Surging Among Women in Wake of Mass Shootings

Gun sales are surging among women in the wake of the Nashville Christian school shooting and the attack on the Louisville bank, CNN reported on April 22.

Reporters spoke to two women, who met at a Long Island gun range, shooting “lever action rifles and pistols” at silhouette targets.

One of the women had a gun permit and was shopping for her first firearm. She said, “I’m not quite a novice. Just starting out. Looking to buy a gun.”

The other woman said, “I’m a single female. I live on my own. Why not protect myself?”

CNN noted that the women are part of “a growing number of Americans, particularly women and people of color, on an extended national gun shopping splurge – many for the first time.”

The roots of the current surge in gun buying among women and people of color began to take form just a few years back, according to Northeastern University’s Dr. Matt Miller.

Miller said, “Sometime between 2016 and 2019, the new gun owners were more likely to be female and Black than prior to that and, whether it’s in response to feeling as though things are going out of control, the country is really divided, that’s a tempting speculation to make.”

The authors of the report said “the heightened interest in guns comes amid a horrific spate of mass shootings.”

Breitbart News pointed out that a 28-year-old transgender shot and killed six people in an attack on a Christian school in Nashville March 27, 2023.

On April 10 a portfolio banker opened fire on fellow bank employees, killing five.

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