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Texas Cheerleaders Shot After Trying to Get Into Wrong Car

Cheerleaders in Woodlands, Texas, were shot Monday just after midnight when one of them tried to get into the wrong vehicle and the passenger of that vehicle opened fire.

FOX News reported that Stony Point High School cheerleader Payton Washington (pictured), Heather Roth, and others, are part of Woodland Elite cheer club and had just returned from out-of-town event.

ABC 13 observed Roth accidentally tried to get into the wrong car, then, upon realizing it was the wrong car, returned to the vehicle in which the other cheerleaders were sitting.

Roth then noticed a man who had been in the car she accidentally tried to enter was walking toward her and her friends. She “rolled down the window to apologize, telling him she thought it was her car. Roth said the man threw up his hands, pulled out a gun, and started shooting.”

Roth was grazed by a bullet while Washington “was shot in the leg and the back.”

The New York Post noted Washington is “a high school senior on the cheer squad.”

Twenty-five-year-old Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr. was arrested and “charged with deadly conduct, a third-degree felony.”

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