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Andrew Tate Released From Prison, But Will Remain Under House Arrest in Romania

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan, along with two alleged female accomplices, have been released from their jail cells, but will remain under house arrest in Romania as investigations into accusations of human trafficking, organised crime, and rape continue.

April 1, Update 2:00 — Tate brothers release statements from house arrest:

After three months in a Bucharest prison, both Andrew and Tristan Tate have released statements on social media. Alongside a video of him silently pacing without a shirt and smoking a cigar, Andrew wrote:

“Since last year ive been in 24 hour lockdown. No yard time. Pacing a 3metre cell with zero electronics or outside contact. Absolute clarity of mind. Real thoughts. Real plans. Vivid pain. One hour home and I cant stand my phone. Some habits die hard. We must defeat Shaytan (Devil).”

Meanwhile, Tristan wrote:

“4 months without putting on a pair of alligator shoes. The struggle was real.”

The original story continues as follows…

Andrew Tate, 36, a former kickboxing champion turned international social media star, was arrested on December 29th of last year and remained — alongside his brother Tristan and two Romanian women — imprisoned in the capital city of Bucharest without charge for three months.

On Friday, according to the Daily Mail, the Tate brothers, and the two women alleged to have been co-conspirators in a human trafficking network, were granted bail by a Romanian judge. However, the four will reportedly remain under house arrest while the authorities continue their investigations.

It has been alleged that the two brothers and the two Romanian women coerced other women into coming to Romania on promises of love only for them to later be forced to work for pornographic webcam sites. Both Andrew and Tristan Tate have denied all charges against them, and claimed that the case against them was politically motivated.

For now, all four have been ordered by the court to remain in Tate’s Bucharest compound, unless given special permission to leave the premises by a judge.

Responding to the release, former MMA fighter and close friend of the Tate brothers Tam Khan wrote on social media: “Alhamdhulillah (praise be to God) the Tate brothers given house arrest. Big step towards freedom. Finally something.”

After putting out content online for years, Andrew Tate became one of the most searched for men in the world last year after becoming a viral hit with his anti-feminist and anti-globalist rhetoric on Tik Tok and other social media sites. However, this also saw a steep backlash, which ultimately resulted in him being deplatformed from all major social media sites.

Schools in the UK have also been told by police that they should teach students about the dangers of listening to his allegedly misogynistic rhetoric. Nevertheless, with the help of his supporters, videos featuring Tate continued to proliferate on social media.

Just this week, the American comedy cartoon programme South Park featured a character satirising the influencer. In response, Tate’s Twitter account, which was restored by Elon Musk, wrote: “When I will be proven innocent. I look forward to help create the greatest South Park episode of all time.”


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