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Mexican President Calls on U.S. Voters to Reject Border Security Candidates

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) praised President Joe Biden’s soft approach to immigration Tuesday, adding that his government plans to press American voters to not support candidates promising increased border security investments.

During his Tuesday morning news conference, AMLO congratulated Biden for not “mistreating” migrants and claimed the Hispanic population would remember at the polls the way that politicians treated migrants.

“We have a lot of respect for President Biden, among other things because he is the only one of the United States presidents of recent years who did not propose building walls,” Lopez Obrador said. “We give him credit for that, and we give credit to President Biden for no [immigration] raids.”

Lopez Obrador also criticized U.S. Congressmen for blocking Biden’s efforts to “regularize migrants” as had been promised during his campaign. The president also criticized the approach of Republicans calling for stronger border security.

“Because it is very easy to say, ‘We are going to militarize the border, we are going to put up walls,’ seeking easy applause,” AMLO said. “This policy will no longer work.”

Despite previously claiming that he follows a non-intervention approach, AMLO said his government would pressure U.S. voters to fight in favor of migrants.

“Because if there is the mistreatment of migrants and especially Mexicans, we are going to call not to vote for those parties and for those candidates — in the exercise of our freedoms,” Mexico’s president said.


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