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Baltimore Slammed After Reporting No Students in 23 Schools Proficient in Math: ‘This Is a Scandal’

The Baltimore public school system is under fire after the city said no students in 23 area schools are proficient in math, standards that are reportedly declining across Maryland.

According to Fox News, 93 percent of students in third through eighth grade tested below their grade level when it came to mathematics, the outlet reported Tuesday.

“The Baltimore public school system boasted a $1.6 billion budget in 2022, according to Fox Baltimore. When divided by the number of budgeted students, the average cost came out to $21,606 per student,” the article read.

Social media users offered their opinions on the Fox story, and one person said his children are better off because they are no longer enrolled in public school.

“My kids have learned more and become better at test taking since leaving government school for homeschooling,” he wrote.

Another user said school choice is the answer, while another lamented the ongoing problems.

“It’s been this bad for so long, it’s disheartening to keep hearing about it when nothing changes,” the person commented.

“And let’s push them through and they’ll be your pilots and surgeons. Good idea,” yet another user replied.

“Where are the parents? why aren’t they screaming about this? don’t wait for a politician to point this out – parents need to be more involved!!!!” another commented.

The Maryland State Department of Education recently said math standards are declining across the state, the Fox report noted.

In March 2021, an investigation into the city’s schools found that at one high school, hundreds of students were failing, Breitbart News reported at the time.

In May of that same year, it was reported Baltimore schools planned to move students to the next grade even though “tens of thousands” got failing marks during the disrupted school year, according to Breitbart News.


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