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Michigan Man Shot Dead After Allegedly Opening Fire on Police Helicopter

A Detroit, Michigan, man was shot dead Tuesday around 8:30 p.m. after allegedly pointing a green laser at a police helicopter, then opening fire on it as it hovered above his house.

7 WXYZ reported the man was on the second floor of a home when he allegedly flashed a green laser into the cockpit of the helicopter.

The pilot contacted police dispatch and told them the location of the home, and informed them that someone on the second floor was pointing the laser.

The window on the second floor was closed and a man, who appeared to be holding a long gun, walked into the backyard and allegedly began shooting at the helicopter.

The pilot said, “Now there’s somebody standing at the back door. Right now, they’re in the backyard. He actually might, he might be armed. He almost looks like he’s holding a long gun pointed at us right now. Yeah, he’s shooting at us right now. He’s firing rounds. He’s got a long gun, extended magazine.”

The New York Post noted that police rushed to the house, which turned out to be an abandoned residence in which the suspect was holed up.

Arriving officers soon found themselves taking fire in an ambush situation, but two Michigan State Troopers returned fire, killing the 33-year-old suspect.

After officers scoured the home, Lt. Mike Shaw told Fox 2, “They found multiple weapons and ammunition stashes throughout the home as if it were set up for some type of ambush or security purposes or whatever.”


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