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Woke Mob Forces Apple VP to Resign over Mild TikTok Joke

Tony Blevins, VP of procurement at smartphone giant Apple, has been forced out of the company following controversy over a viral TikTok video featuring the executive joking about his affluent lifestyle.

The video, posted earlier this month, apparently set off a chain of events within the company that led to Blevins’ departure, which was confirmed in a comment by an Apple representative to CNBC.

According to the CNBC story, Blevins referenced a joke from the movie Arthur featuring an over-the-top description of a decadent lifestyle. But in woke Silicon Valley, that’s enough to get you fired.


In the video reviewed by CNBC, Blevins is getting out of an expensive Mercedes Benz and he is asked what he does for a living by Daniel Mac, who has a channel centered around asking people in expensive cars questions.

In the video, Blevins jokes that he buys “rich cars, plays golf, and fondles big-breasted women. But I take weekends and major holidays off.” The joke appears to be a reference to a similar quote in the movie “Arthur.”

According to CNBC, the video, posted on TikTok, received over a million views. It appears on the channel of Daniel Mac, a TikTok influencer whose channel focuses on interviewing people who drive expensive cars.

While wokeness is everywhere to be found in corporate America, Silicon Valley tech companies have always led the charge when it comes to making the work environment as hyper-progressive as possible.

Google, for example, where employees complain the company focuses on “diversity first and technology second,” was one of the first major companies to host Robin diAngelo, author of White Fragility, long before other corporate boardrooms started recommending the woke manual to their employees.


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