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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 13 : Rory Sauter Is Not Dead Part 13 / 3-18-2022

Guests : Richard Vague, Tim Swain, Kenny Xu, Michael Vasquez, Larry Klayman, David Giammona, Blaine Lee Pardoe, Jared Knott, Dan Wos, Samuel Tolley, Jeremy Murphy, & more..

-Poll : 69% of say nation on wrong track under Joe Biden

-Zelensky is not a hero

-Zelensky’s meeting with U.S. congress

-Putin is not to blame for everything

-China making a fortune off Ukraine/Russia war

-Our military shouldn’t be the world police

-Russia/Ukraine possible ceasefire deal

-Biden admin asking China for help with Russia

-No fly Zone would create WW3

-Southern border crossings at all time high

-Houston Texas leading U.S. in homicides

-Mexican cartel leaders testing Biden

-Ketanji Brown Jackson is a radical terrorist

-‘Wokeness’ is for weak minded souls

-Biden admin sending weapons to Ukraine

-Fauci wants more lockdowns

-Kanye West Instagram Ban

-Kanye West New Social Media Platform

-Where’s Hunter

-Media admits to covering up Hunter Biden laptop story

-Biden voters regretful

-Leslie Stahl shouldn’t have a job anymore

-Elon Musk Leader Of The Free World ?

-Dr Oz is a RINO

-Jussie Smollett has ‘black privilege’

-Big Tech legislation

-Ukrainian flag virtue signaling

-Mike Pence is a disgrace to America

-New electric car conspiracy theory

-Lindsey Graham is the enemy of the people

-California Gas Tax

-Russia to Detain WNBA anti-American player Brittney Griner Two More Months

-Poll: Majority Say Biden Should Prioritize Increasing American Energy Production

-Poll: Just 1 in 3 Americans Approve 50,000-plus Ukrainian Refugees

-It’s a Man’s World: Lia Thomas Sets Another Record at NCAA Championships

-Oil Prices Surge Higher Again

-Chris Cuomo 125 million lawsuit

-Andrew Cuomo Weighing Primary Challenge Against Kathy Hochul

-Biden admin caves on Iran deal demands

-Vimeo sells out to the dark side

-Defund teachers unions until Indoctrination stops

-Nancy Pelosi drinks too much

-Opportunists in the Pro Trump movement

-Midterms are around the corner

-Economic Future Of The USA

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