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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 8 : Rory Sauter Is Not Dead Part 8 / 2-8-2022

Guests : Larry Klayman, Dr Harlan Ullman, Traci Fenton, Cicely Davis, Blaine Pardoe, Tricia Flannigan, Kevin Mooney, Scott Morefield, Philip Ballard, Jeremy Murphy, Rick Padgett, Terry McNeely, Rodney Evans, Equintal Middleton, Carlo Cavazutti, & more.. 

-President Trump to Joe Rogan: Stop Apologizing to ‘Maniacs and Lunatics’  

-U.S. Department of Health Stops Requiring Hospitals to Report Coronavirus Deaths to Federal Government  

-Canada is under attack   

-Trudeau is arresting truckers   –

Trudeau makes it illegal to honk your horn   

-Barack Hussein Osama caught maskless   

-Russia/Ukraine Scenario Escalating   

-GoFundMe Is A Criminal Enterprise   

-Super Bowl In California   

-NJ lifting mask restrictions for schools   

-Medicare For All Myths   –

The real reason Jeff Zucker left CNN  

-Make Men Alpha Again   

-BLM Founder sentenced to prison   

-Controlling the masses      

-Who cares what someone said in the past   

-Cancel Culture won’t last much longer   

-Rumble offers Joe Rogan 100 million  

-Stock Market Future Outlook   

-Howard Stern jealous of Joe Rogan   

-China Communist Olympics   

-Minneapolis police shooting   

-Scary times for children   –

Seattle crime rate reaches 14 year high   

-Pfizer forecasts 54 billion in jabbing sales   

-Insurance companies and new unexplained 40% increase in deaths in people 18-49.   

-Biden’s Crack Pipe Equality Legislation   

-Bill Clinton was a terrific Sax player   

-Justice Department Seized $3.6 Billion in Bitcoin Stolen in 2016 Hack  

-Report on Police Killed During Joe Biden’s Tenure: Most Since 1995   

-Bill Maher turning into a conservative   

-Spotify’s CEO is a beta male   

-Poll: Over Half of Americans Say Country Is Headed on the ‘Wrong Track’   

-Never bow down or comply with big government or you’ll lose your freedom   

-The Rock backlash   

-Everyone has skeletons in their closet

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