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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 201

Today’s Show : Chairman at Constitution Party Of Massachusetts, Vice President At Freedom Coalition Of Massachusetts & Popular Talk Show Host,Dave Kopacz Calls in, Columnist, Activist, & Author of the Best Selling Books “The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama”, & The Scandalous presidency of Barack Obama, & Trumping Obama, Matt Margolis calls in, Popular Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur, Political Activist & Freedom Fighter, Will Johnson calls in, Lobbyist, Political Activist & Regional Coordinator  At Students For Life Of America, Nick Sfla calls in, Desert Storm Veteran,Columnist, Activist & Radio Show Host, Eric Thompson calls in, Army Vet, GOP Candidate, NRA Advocate & Activist, Chris Bray calls in, Doctor, Political Activist, NRA Member & 2020 Republican Congressional Candidate For The 13th District Of Ohio, Duane Hennen calls in,  Leader Of Blacks 4 Trump calls in, AJ From Houston calls in, Obama & Biden Briefed on Private Trump Meeting Before Comey Fed Details to FBI Team Investigating Russia Collusion, Boycott Backfires: Film and TV Shows Stay in Georgia After Protest of Heartbeat Bill, Woman Told to Remove ‘Obsolete’ 9/11 Memorial Stone from Property, At Least 41 Shot & 7 Fatally, over Labor Day Weekend in Chicago, Police: Man Pulls Gun on Houston Popeyes Employees over Chicken Sandwiches, San Francisco Supervisors Vote Unanimously to Designate NRA ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’, Walgreens & Kroger ban open carry, Black Voters Warn Dems: ‘Trump Is Not Enough’ to Increase Turnout, Defense Secretary Mark Esper Diverts $3.6B for 175 Miles of Border Wall, War on whites, Notre Dame Faces Criticism for Black Leprechaun Mascot, Major League Soccer Team Bans Betsy Ross Flag/Calls it a ‘Symbol for Hate Groups’,  Big Tech must breakup & climate change townhall disaster recap. 

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