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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 140

Today’s show : Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host, Successful Businessman, Columnist, & Political Activist, Gary Goldman calls in, Economist, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Writer for Townhall, NewsMax, Lifezette & a professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey, Dr. Michael Busler Ph.D calls in, Isis Escapee, Islamic Historian, Activist, Political Strategist & Best Selling Author, I.Q. al Rassooli calls in, Doctor, Award-Winning speaker, Veteran, Technology Expert, Best Selling Author & Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction 2018 Candidate & Currently Is Commissioner Of Parks & Recreation For Maricopa County, Dr. Robert Branch calls in, Freedom Fighter, Popular Talk Show Host, Political Activist & Founder of Unite America First, Will Johnson calls in, Co-Founder of College Republicans United & Chairman Of Republicans United, Kevin Decuyper calls in, Businessman, Twitter Master, Activist & Political Strategist, Bill Lambert calls in, Lobbyist, Political Strategist & Activist, Josh Hlavaty calls in, Political Strategist, Activist & Director, Gianni Rodriguez-Parris calls in,  President Trump meets with President Of Brazil, President Trump wins Immigration Battle With Supreme Court, President Trump: ‘I Was Never a Fan of John McCain and I Never Will Be’, President Trump Donates First Quarter 2019 Salary to Homeland Security, President Trump Reups Effort to Eliminate PBS & NPR Federal Funding,  Defense Department has identified $12.8 billion for border wall, Devin Nunes suing Twitter for censoring, Rosenstein hanging on at DOJ amid Mueller probe wind-down/despite plans to leave by now, CNN Poll: 71 Percent of Americans Say Economy Doing Well and Majority Credits President Trump, CNN Must Retract Charlottesville Hoax, Details of College Bribery Scandal, Obama WH counsel faces possible prosecution in Mueller probe & Extremist killings down 39%

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