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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 121

Today’s show : America’s Rabbi, Middle East Observer, Islamic Historian, Political Consultant, Public Speaker, Best Selling Author & a contributor to Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, National Review, N.Y. Daily News, The Federalist & Founder of Caucus For America, Rabbi Aryeh Spero calls in, Hedge Fund Manager, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Economist & Public Speaker, Joel Block calls in, Attorney, Lobbyist, Democratic State Senator in Louisiana, and author of the new book, Robert Mueller: Errand Boy For The New World Order, John Milkovich Calls in, Oil & Natural Gas Investor, Foreign Policy Analyst, Businessman, Motivational Speaker, Radical Islam Expert, and a contributor to DailyCaller, ClashDaily, Lifezette, DailySurge, & TheHill, Dan Perkins calls in, Legislative Affairs For President Ronald Reagan, International Security Expert, Islamic Historian, Political Activist & Best Selling Author, Valerie Greenfeld calls in, Lobbyist, Activist & Political Strategist, Josh Hlavaty calls in, President Trump speaks at the Missile Defense Review, President Trump cancels US delegation’s trip to Davos summit, President Trump Signs Bill Promising Back-Pay to Furloughed Federal Workers, President Trump Denies Military Aircraft for Nancy Pelosi’s Foreign Trip During Shutdown, Freshman Democrats Turn on Pelosi Over Border Wall & Seek Deal with Trump, Robert Mueller has nothing on President Trump,  Amazon Ring Gave Employees Unrestricted Access to Footage of Customers’ Homes, Border walls work, FBI Arrests Man Suspected of Plotting Attack on White House with Explosives, Senate to Vote on Bill Blocking Taxpayer Funding of Abortion, 245 Million Christians Facing ‘Extreme’ Persecution Worldwide, Volkswagen invests 800 million in U.S. to build electric cars, More Michael Cohen Lies, Ruth Ginsburg will retire soon, Democrats introduce $15 minimum wage bill & Toxic Masculinity Myth.

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