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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 118

Today’s show : Economics expert, Historian,  Professor, Political strategist, Male/Female rights activist, best selling author  & a contributor to Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today & Washington Post, Dr. Andrew Yarrow calls in, Popular Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur, Political Activist & Freedom Fighter, Will Johnson calls in, Oil & Natural Gas Investor, Foreign Policy Analyst, Businessman, Motivational Speaker, Radical Islam Expert, and a contributor to DailyCaller, ClashDaily, Lifezette, DailySurge, & TheHill, Dan Perkins calls in, Economist, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Writer for Townhall, NewsMax, Lifezette & a professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey, Dr. Michael Busler Ph.D calls in, Leader of Blacks 4 Trump calls in, President Trump gives speech from Oval Office in regards to the border crisis, President Trump to visit Mexican border end of this week, President Trump: ‘Fake News’ Dishonest Media Full of ‘Crazed Lunatics’, President Trump Open to Declaring a State of Emergency to Fund Border Wall, President Trump Offers Condolences to Family of Officer Ron Singh, President Trump: Democrats Want to Impeach Because They Can’t Win in 2020, Pentagon Preparing for Potential Order to Build the Wall, 4.8 Million More Americans Employed Since President Trump Took Office, Stock Market Begins New Year With Gains, Democrats Try to Spin Massive Jobs Number as Bad News, Men face more discrimination than women according to new research, NYC’s mayor Bill de Blasio Guarantees ‘Free’ Health Care to all illegal aliens, DACA Illegal Aliens Surged Hispanic Vote & Flipping GOP Counties Blue, Jobs Growth Skyrockets by Adding 312,000 Jobs in December, Hispanic Unemployment Lowest ever, American Economy Added The Most Manufacturing Jobs in Over 20 years & House Democrats divided over impeachment idea.

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