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The Rory Sauter – Episode 78

Today’s show : Oil & Natural Gas Investor, Foreign Policy Analysis, Radical Islam Expert, New York Times Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, and contributor to DailyCaller. com, ClashDaily. com, Lifezette. com, &, Dan Perkins calls in, Criminal Defense Attorney, Former Prosecutor, Political Strategist, Lobbyist, Constitutional Expert & New York Times Best Selling Author, David Shestokas calls in, Leader Of Blacks For Trump Calls in, Josh Hlavaty calls in, Valerie Greenfeld calls in, President Trump calls on Jeff Sessions to end Russia probe ‘right now’, President Trump Willing to Meet with Iranian Leaders, President Trump Calls Out Mueller for ‘Conflicts of Interest’,  Robert Mueller wants to chat with President Trump, Rudy Giuliani Is Taking Care Of Business, Trump-Cohen tapes spoof, Trump ‘sanctuary cities’ executive order is unconstitutional the US appeals court rules, New poll shows majority of Americans support President Trump’s agenda, Feminism is terrorism, Pastor Predicts Donald Trump Will Be ‘The Most Pro-Black President in Our Lifetime’, Rush Limbaugh has had 20 years on the air, Impeachment of Rod Rosenstein, Private Job sector is booming, Economy steady at 4.1% GDP, Billionaire Koch Brothers Threaten to Support Democrats Pushing Open Borders/Free Trade In midterms, Prosecutors expect to wrap case against Manafort next week, RHillary Clinton & Steven Spielberg to Produce Women’s Voting Rights Drama, Medicare for all would cost taxpayers 32.6 trillion over 10 years, Liberal Media coverage of 3D-printed guns under fire for inaccuracies, Social Media Shadow Banning, Tommy Robinson Released on Bail by Court of Appeal, Joe Manchin is the only Democrat meeting with Brett Kavanaugh, Mexican Accused of Murdering Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Extradited to Face Justice in U.S., Jim Acosta heckled at Trump rally & Obama snubs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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