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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 51

Today’s show :  Best Selling Author, Talk Show Host, Political Strategist & The Executive Director Of The Conservative Hispanic Society, Chris Salcedo calls in, Director Gianni Rodriguez-Parris calls in & Mike Zollo calls in, GOP Reps Submit Resolution for Second Special Counsel into FBI Election Meddling, Informant Spied on Trump Campaign Before the FBI Officially Began Its Probe, FBI ‘Spy’ Stefan Halper Wanted a Job in Donald Trump’s Administration, Fmr Trump Adviser Caputo says More Than One Informant From an Obama Agency Approached the Campaign,  ‘Consensus’ Reached to Slash $370 Billion U.S. Trade Deficit with China,  China Slashes Tariffs on Car Imports, U.S. Imported More than 10M Immigrants in Last Decade – Exceeding the Population, University of Michigan’s Diversity Office Has an $11 Million Payroll, Glenn Beck Endorses Donald Trump & Puts on MAGA hat, Donald Trump and Jared Kushner Team Up with Van Jones for Prison Reform, CNN Spreads Fake News About ’22 School Shootings’ in 2018, NC Police Find $90 Million in Meth Hidden in Truck Driven by an Illegal Alien, John Brennan Worked ‘Pee Dossier’ into Obama’s Daily Briefing & Called Steele ‘Credible Source’, Tennessee Rep. Introducing Bill to Allow Crowdfunding of Trump Border Wall,  Michelle & Barrack Hussein Osama Ink Deal to Produce Netflix Movies, Trump, Rosenstein & Wray Meet at White House over 2016 Spying, GOP Sets Fundraising Record in April as Democrat Money Woes Extend into Midterms, GOP sets fundraising record in April as Democrat money woes extend into midterms, U.S. Trade Team to Head Back to China After Agreement to Reduce Trade, GOP Takes Six-Point Lead in Midterm Generic Tracking, Judge Slaps Michael Avenatti Law Firm with $10M Bankruptcy Judgment, Paul Ryan needs to resign & Alabama sues federal government for counting illegal immigrants in Census.

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