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Truth Social to launch its own live TV streaming platform

Former President Donald Trump’s social media platform is preparing to launch its own streaming service, which will play live television and other programs.

Trump Media & Technology Group Corporation, the operator of Truth Social, has revealed that it has been conducting tests on the platform for six months, and that it is ready to move forward. The content featured on this platform will focus on live television from news networks and religious channels, and will also include content being suppressed on other services.

“We’re excited to move forward with the next big phase for Truth Social,” TMTG CEO Devin Nunes said. “With our streaming content, we aim to provide a permanent home for high-quality news and entertainment that face discrimination by other channels and content delivery services. There is a lot of great content that simply can’t find an audience for unjust reasons, and we want to let these creators know they’ll soon have a guaranteed platform where they won’t be cancelled.”

The implementation of this platform on Truth Social will take place over three waves, with the first wave introducing live television to Truth Social’s Android and iOS apps and website. The second phase will see Truth Social’s streaming apps released for smart devices, while the final phase will see the app launch on televisions.

Truth Social was launched in early 2022, about a year after the former president had his Twitter account suspended after the Jan. 6 Capitol protest. His account was later restored in November 2022, with Twitter rebranding as X in July 2023.

The stock value in TMTG has seen a noticeable dip since the start of this month, with the latest dip in value occurring yesterday. Trump, being the majority shareholder of TMTG, lost about $470 million in net worth after Monday’s drop.

Washington Examiner

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