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NFL Bans ‘Hip-Drop’ Tackle, Showing Just How Soft The League Has Become BLOG

Weak, just weak.

After a proposal was made, league owners have decided to approve the ban of the swivel hip-drop tackle, according to an announcement Monday from the NFL.

Going forward, a 15-yard penalty will be given to teams who commit the hip-drop. With that being said, Troy Vincent — the league’s executive vice president of football operations — was very strong with his recent implication that it will undergo enforcement similar to the “use of helmet” policy. That rule usually leads to both fines and warning letters, rather than just flags on the field.

The reason for the proposal is an attempt by the NFL to rid of rugby-style tackling that has become more and more popular around the league over the past few years, according to competition committee chairman Rich McKay, per ESPN.

Holy hell, this is some incredibly weak ish.

Robert Griffin III (more commonly known as RG3) said it best: We’re turning the NFL into flag football.

And also what he said in the video, and what I questioned when I originally saw the news, how are players supposed to play defense now with this being a thing?

Wow … get ready to bet the over A LOT next season, ladies and gentlemen.

-Daily Caller

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