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Neuralink implant recipient demonstrates amazing tech in action, likens it to ‘using the force on a cursor’

Neuralink posted a livestream on X featuring Noland Arbaugh, the first person to use Neuralink’s technology that enables control of a computer via thought.

In the video on Wednesday, Arbaugh said that he is 29 years old and noted that he is paralyzed below his shoulders due to a “diving accident” around 8 years ago.

He demonstrated his ability to move the cursor on the computer screen and play chess using the Neuralink technology.

And at the request of the Neuralink engineer who was also on the video, Arbaugh paused music that had been playing.

In an apparent reference to “Star Wars,” Arbaugh described the experience of using the technology as “using the force on a cursor.”

“It’s crazy, it really is,” Arbaugh said. “It’s so cool.”

He noted that he has used the Neuralink technology to play the game Civilization VI. He also noted that he reads and enjoys learning languages and is learning Japanese and some French.

Arbaugh noted that the technology is “not perfect” and there have been “some issues” and that there is still much work to be performed, but the technology “has already changed my life.”

He said that he is involved because he wants to help and be part of something he thinks will “change the world.”

Back in late January, Elon Musk announced that Neuralink’s implant had been placed in a human.

“The surgery was super easy,” Arbaugh noted in the video on Wednesday.

He thanked Neuralink for its work.

Elon Musk shared the video, tweeting, “Livestream of @Neuralink demonstrating ‘Telepathy’ – controlling a computer and playing video games just by thinking.”

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