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BREAKING: Andrew and Tristan Tate Arrested Again in Romania at Behest of UK Authorities Over 12 Year-Old Allegations

Andrew Tate predicted two days ago that the UK would try to arrest him and put him in jail.

Andrew Tate told his audience ON MONDAY “they” are out to humiliate men. “They are out to humiliate men because anyone who is seen as masculine, who is seen as a hero, who is seen as a role model to face humiliation. So that the people who look up to this person are no longer inspired.”


Matt Wallace wrote this about today’s arrest.

This arrest is much more sinister and disturbing though than the last one. The details of what just happened may make you 1776 levels of angry.

This was not the doing of some random officials in a small country. Disgustingly, one of the most powerful governments in the world is actually behind it. UK authorities reached their authoritarian arm over 1000 miles away and commanded their arrests in Romania.

Surely they must have just done something really bad to deserve an arrest warrant from the United Kingdom, right? NOPE! They were ripped from their home by men with guns over BS allegations from an entire f*cking decade ago.

The charges are related to allegations of “sexual aggression” (whatever tf that means) in a U.K. case dating back to 2012 through 2015. Not recent. Not substantiated. On the contrary, the Tate brothers have shown overwhelming evidence the accusations against them are false. Yet here we are with them having to spend even more time behind bars, after already being held unjustly for months by Romanian authorities who couldn’t even pinpoint legitimate charges against them despite trying very hard.

Make no mistake… this is not justice or even the pursuit of it. This is further punishment by the global elites for daring to challenge them. Soon freedom will be dead across the globe if the evil people behind these horrendous misuses of the legal system are not stopped!

CBS News reported:

Bucharest, Romania — Online influencer Andrew Tate was detained in Romania and handed an arrest warrant issued by British authorities, his spokesperson said Tuesday.

Tate, 37, and his brother Tristan Tate were detained Monday evening on allegations of sexual aggression in a U.K. case dating back to 2012-2015, spokesperson Mateea Petrescu said.

She said the Bucharest Court of Appeal is set to make a “pivotal decision” Tuesday on whether to execute the warrants issued by U.K.’s Westminster Magistrates Court.

Four women had reported Tate to the U.K. authorities for alleged sexual violence and physical abuse, but the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute him. The alleged victims then turned to crowdfunding to cover their legal costs as they pursue a civil case against him.

“We handed over our evidence about the horrific acts of violence we endured and waited for action. But four years later we were told the U.K. authorities would not prosecute him,” they state on their campaign page. “It’s our one remaining route to hold him accountable.”

Petrescu said Tuesday that the Tate brothers reject the charges and “express profound disappointment that such serious allegations are being resurrected without substantial new evidence.”

Tate is charged in a separate case in Romania with rape, human trafficking and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women. He was arrested near Bucharest in December 2022 along with his brother Tristan and two Romanian women. Romanian prosecutors formally indicted all four in June last year and they have denied the allegations.

Andrew Tate, who has amassed 8.9 million followers on the social media platform X, has repeatedly claimed that prosecutors in Romania have no evidence against him and that there is a political conspiracy to silence him. He was previously banned from various prominent social media platforms for expressing misogynistic views and for hate speech.

-Gateway Pundit


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