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‘Motherf*cker’: Big-Time Sports Commentators Pat McAfee, Stephen A. Smith Reportedly Got Into Heated Phone Call BLOG

ESPN’s two biggest stars, Pat McAfee and Stephen A. Smith, beefed during a heated argument, the New York Post reported Thursday.

The pair were arguing in a private phone call over an unnamed project that will air on ESPN and McAfee called Smith a “motherfucker,” the Post reported. The project will be produced by Smith’s own company, Mr. SAS Productions, and then air on ESPN, according to the Post.

The Post claims that the spat prompted Smith to ban McAfee from appearing on his flagship “First Take” program, but the pair both disputed that claim.

“I think I’m still welcome on ‘First Take’?” McAfee texted to the Post. “I was scheduled through football season to join on Tuesdays, hopefully next year that’ll happen as well.”

“Pat McAfee and I have no issue and the notion that he’d be banned from ‘First Take’ is B.S,” Smith told the Post.

Smith previously made comments on McAfee’s rising stardom at ESPN and noted the racial differences between the pair.

“He don’t give a shit. He lets you know exactly where he stands. That’s my kind of dude, that works for me. Now is he as polished politically as me? Nope. Because he has no desire to be, number one. And number two, if we’re being honest, he’s white and I’m black. He didn’t have to be. I had to be,” Smith said on an appearance of Barstool Sports’ “Bussin’ With The Boys” podcast.

-Daily Caller


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