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Facebook, Instagram Face Super Tuesday Outages

People across the United States are reporting Facebook, Instagram, and Threads outages as Super Tuesday ramps up.

WLWT reported Tuesday morning that users were getting error messages when they tried to log in to their accounts. noted, throughout the morning, that there were more than 450,000 reports of Facebook outages. The website also reported more than 73,000 instances of Instagram being down.

The news comes as voters gear up for Super Tuesday, which the Associated Press (AP) said is “traditionally the biggest day nationwide for primary elections and caucuses before the actual Election Day in November.”

The outlet continued:

This Tuesday, voters in 16 different states and one territory (Get it? “Super” Tuesday.) will be choosing who they want to run for president. Some states are also choosing who should run for governor or senator for their state, and some district attorneys, too.

Democrats and Republicans vote on who they want to run for president and other offices. And then once those votes are tallied, delegates are awarded.

Social media users jumped on X (formerly known as Twitter) to share the news about the outages.

“What a coincidence that Facebook, IG, and YouTube are down on the Super Tuesday. Practice run for November? #CyberAttack,” one user wrote:

“They said X wouldn’t survive laying off all its woke staff. Fast forward a year and Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube all go down simultaneously. X is still rocking tho, no interruptions. Are you not entertained,” Citizen Free Press commented:

WLWT updated its report to note that Meta Communications Director Andy Stone shared on X that his team was aware of the issue and was working to remedy the problem:

However, “It’s unclear when service will be restored or what the cause of the outages is,” the report said.



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