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Subway charges woman over $1,000 for sandwich. She finally gets refund nearly 2 months later — but her problems aren’t over.

While an Ohio Subway customer finally received a refund after she was charged over $1,000 for sandwich nearly two months ago, Letitia Bishop’s problems aren’t over yet.

This financially nightmarish tale began Jan. 5 when Bishop stopped in a Subway that was part of the Thorntons Oil store in Columbus, Business Insider said.

She soon learned that her debit card was charged to the tune of $1,021.50 for her sandwich purchase, according to WSYX-TV.

When Bishop went back to the store to resolve the issue, it had closed down, the station said. Her numerous attempts to resolve the issue through Subway’s corporate office were unsuccessful, as WSYX said she was unable to speak to anyone who could help her.

Bishop told the station, “I’m just trying to make ends meet at this point. Stressed, overwhelmed — I couldn’t get groceries at one point because my account was negative.”

Business Insider said it conducted an interview with Bishop, and she said her financial situation has been more dire due to raising two young children on a social worker’s salary. In fact, she told the outlet she was forced to prioritize bill payments while living off of credit cards.

“It was very difficult,” she told Business Insider. “I have never had to feel like we’re going to have just to get spaghetti, and that’s going to be that.”

The outlet said after Bishop filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Connecticut — where Subway’s headquarters is located — she got her refund over the weekend from the regional manager of Thorntons, which apparently owns the Subway franchise that was part of the store.

Interestingly, Bishop told Business Insider that the regional manager said Thorntons had never used an online portal for issuing the refund, so the preference was to give her cash in person at the gas station.

“She basically counted all this money,” Bishop told the outlet, adding that the regional manager “gave us this cash and made us sign a copy of this receipt.”

On a positive note, she added to Business Insider that she also was offered free dinners once a week for eight weeks at a new restaurant the Thorntons chain was opening.

But there was another negative development.

More from the outlet:

Despite the resolution, Bishop faced another hurdle when depositing the cash at her local Huntington Bank branch. She said the funds were placed on hold, meaning she couldn’t access them to settle her outstanding bills.

“I just honestly don’t have the emotional space to deal with this because literally it’s stressing me out so much,” she added to Business Insider.

The outlet reported that Thorntons, Subway, and Huntington Bank did not immediately respond to its requests for comment.

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