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Owner of world’s first AI brothel blames ‘white men’ for stereotypical-looking sex dolls

The owner of a brothel that utilizes artificial intelligence claims that sex is moving in the direction of virtual reality and the “digital world.” The business, which also incorporates sex dolls, also shrugged off criticism that its dolls depict stereotypes of women by attributing their creation to “white men.”

Cybrothel, operating out of Berlin, Germany, combines the use of AI and virtual reality to connect its clients with its neo-prostitutes. This means that the brothel does not have traditional, human sex workers, but rather a series of sex dolls that are supplemented with virtual reality pornography featuring those very same dolls.

Bimbo, Kokeshi, and Ms. Schmidt are some of the dolls’ names, the New York Post reported, with users also having the option to engage in AI-generated conversations with the dolls’ personas.

“If you are here, the only person who can judge you is yourself,” co-owner Matthias Smetana said. “We have a lot of people who have never been in touch with sex work, who are really down to try it but are looking for a safe space. If you face performance anxiety, this doesn’t go in Cybrothel as you are dealing with sex toys, not humans.”

“[Traditional] clients will be gone in the next 10 to 15 years,” he continued. “So I think right now the sex industry will move on more in the VR direction. Having sex in the digital world and the physical world at the same time.”

The unique brothel seems to have pivoted in its use of technology since a November 2023 interview with RBB 24.

At that time, the establishment seemed to be using a combination of sex dolls coupled with human women providing voices for the dolls in real time.

The women were described as speakers who were watching through a camera during the act and also provided live reactions.

The “Voice Queens,” as they were dubbed, also reportedly educated clients by teaching etiquette.

“If now, for example, someone just sits over the doll without saying a word and starts kneading the breasts, then I’ll say something like ‘Excuse me!? Please ask first,'” one of the voice actors said.

The outlet noted that the design of the sex dolls could be criticized for conveying a male and stereotypical view of women and sexuality.

“So women of course don’t look like these dolls that hang here,” said another owner, Philipp Fussenegger. “This was made by white men,” he rationalized.

Fussenegger, who was dressed as a woman as he hosed down the sex equipment, informed the outlet that the dolls were intended to portray a fantasy.

“We’re trying to go in the direction of fantasy … so mermaids, aliens, tentacles,” he explained.

-The Blaze

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