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Rep. Maxwell Frost calls on ‘bigoted’ GOP to introduce bill to remove Statue of Liberty

Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL) called on his fellow Republican lawmakers to introduce a bill that removes the Statue of Liberty because of their support for H.R. 2, known as Secure the Border Act of 2023, that would make sweeping policy changes to border security and immigration laws.

“To my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, let’s be honest with immigrants who deserve better than what you’re offering. Don’t welcome them if you plan to reject them,” the Florida Democrat said in a hearing on Wednesday. “If you keep pushing your bigoted H.R. 2 bill, then also pass this bill.”

The 27-year-old congressman announced his bill with the image of the Statue of Liberty behind him on a red background.

“I’ve taken the liberty of drafting it for you,” Frost said. “It removes the Statue of Liberty, our largest symbol that tells people to come here.”

As Frost spoke, a staffer pulled the image of the Statue of Liberty sculpture off of its pedestal, just leaving a picture of an empty pedestal.

“This is who you are, removing the fabric of America. So, I want to know which Republican, who supports and voted for H.R.2, will introduce this bill,” he added. “If you’re gonna support H.R.2 and these bigoted measures, the least you can do is not be a damn liar.”

During his remarks, the Florida lawmaker read the poem “The New Colossus,” which famously is a welcoming message to immigrants who previously arrived in Ellis Island.

His statements received mockery and comments from conservatives on social media.

“God this is stupid,” journalist Guy Benson said.

“This is ridiculous,” Heritage Foundation’s Nile Gardiner reacted on social media.

Former Capitol Hill staffer Vish Burra ripped Frost for thinking “a poem on a statue is American immigration policy.”

“There’s only one party in this country that wants to tear down statues, and it’s not Republicans,” journalist Mark Hemingway said.

-Washington Examiner

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