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Pennsylvania House Democrats Advance ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, Other Gun Controls

Pennsylvania House Democrats advanced an “assault weapons” ban and a ban on the purchase, possession, and sale of non-serialized gun parts on Wednesday.

The Democrats also advanced legislation to “prohibit accelerated trigger activators, which increase the rate of gunfire,” and a bill to “subject 3D-printed firearms to the same regulations as standard firearms,” the Associated Press reported.

All four bills were advanced in the House Judiciary committee.

The gun controls have only a slim chance of surviving Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled Senate if they manage to pass in the evenly split House. There are 101 Democrats in the Pennsylvania House and 101 Republicans.

The NRA-ILA noted, “Until a special election is held in February, the House partisan divide is deadlocked at 101-101. They can pass bills in committee where they have stacked the vote, but few of these bad ideas gain traction on the floor. In addition, the partisan bills haven’t generated any interest in the Republican-controlled Senate. There is not a single Republican sponsor on any of these bills.”



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