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Biden’s Migrant Crisis Overflows Tax-Funded Shelters in Detroit, Sends Migrants to Private Homes

Joe Biden’s border crisis has sent so many illegal border crossers to Detroit that activists are calling on members of their community to step up to house them in their private homes.

The African Bureau for Immigration and Social Affairs — an NGO that settles and cares for African migrants trying settle in the U.S. — is heading up the effort to find places for illegals to shelter in the Motor City. The group’s founder, Senegalese native Seydi Starr, told the Detroit News that Detroit has been working since last year to implement a support network for illegals. And this year the crisis is worse than ever.

“We’ve been calling on administrators. … We have seen the lack of supportive services for that specific community primarily working with Black immigrants,” Starr said, according to the paper. “… We have been working to secure the understanding that these people are here, and something needs to be done about it.”

But David Bowser, chief of housing solutions and support services at Detroit’s Housing and Revitalization Department, says the city is handling the border crisis influx.

“And we stay in daily touch with our homeless outreach agencies to manage Detroit’s homeless population,” Bowser said. “Despite occasional dire predictions, these efforts have continued to successfully prevent Detroit from experiencing tent cities popping up as has been seen in other communities.”

Starr, though is not nearly as sure as Bowser.

“The only reason tents aren’t lined up along Woodward Avenue is because of community members who have been stepping up to help,” she scoffed.

She went on to say that her organization is working overtime to house needy migrants and they are turning to members of the migrant community who are already established in the process.

“Community members have been picking people off the street and taking them into their own homes. Whether it is a Senegalese community, Mauritania folks, Haitian, whoever,” Starr said, “Some people have 12, 18, 20 people in their homes. Every day, we’ll get a call from a driver who picked up someone at the airport, and the driver tells us the man hasn’t eaten in two days and doesn’t have a place to stay. It’s on us to find out who has space.”

It is unclear if Starr and her group are working within the law. It is illegal in the U.S. to house more than a few people in a single-family home. And if Starr’s group is housing up to 20 people in a single home, it would ostensibly be against the law.

It is also presumed that Starr’s organization is paying these homeowners to take in the illegals. But details on the operation are murky.

The funding is also a problem for the many of America’s cities. Denver Mayor Mike Johnston recently noted that the city is about to make major cuts in budgets and services for actual citizens to care for the growing number of illegals.

“We’re having that hard conversation with our departments and our city right now. We’d like to avoid that problem. We think if the federal government can take action on the supplemental budget that President Biden has proposed, that would be $14 billion that could help meet this need,” Johnston said. “And so, we want to avoid having to make those hard trade-offs and we want the federal government to take action. If they don’t, we’ll be looking at a $160 million impact. That’s 10% of our entire budget. So, if you imagine cutting all of your city agencies by 10%, and that would be historic cuts, larger than we’ve seen even in the recession times of the 2009 and 2010 cycle.”

Johnston is one of a trio of mayors who recently joined to demand Biden hand over more money to help them deal with the onslaught of Biden’s wave of illegals. The three mayors — New York’s Eric Adams, Chicago’s Brandon Johnson, and Denver’s Johnston — also blamed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for Biden’s border crisis.

Like those in other cities, a chief goal for Starr is to get the illegals in her charge into jobs. According to the Detroit News, Starr and other Detroit activists want to “fuel population growth” and push the illegals into the “working class.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is demanding that the federal government hand him $14 billion more tax dollars to spend to house illegals in hotels in towns all across the nation.


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