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California City Cancels Pride Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month

The city of Huntington Beach, California, one of the last conservative strongholds in the deep-blue state, has voted to cancel all of the separate month-long celebrations for various identity groups in favor of a celebration of the common history of the town.

The Orange County Register reported last week:

Huntington Beach leadership is ending the city’s current heritage and identity commemorations, such as Women’s History Month, and in their place will create celebrations focused more on the community’s history.

The City Council’s majority on Tuesday night directed city staffers to develop a history program, with monthly themes that include the founding of the city, the discovery of oil and celebrating local libraries. The city in 2024 won’t formally celebrate Black History Month, Women’s History Month or Pride Month.

The council asked for a new committee to be created, made up of seven to nine people, to develop the program for future years starting in 2025. The committee would meet a few times a year and work with the Historic Resources Board.

Officials said that such identity-focused celebrations could be added to the calendar in future, but would not be mandated for 2024.

Huntington Beach, also known as “Surf City USA,” has opposed the left-wing State of California on a variety of policies, such as beach closures during the coronavirus pandemic; mask and vaccine mandates; “sanctuary state” laws; and mandatory low-income housing.


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