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Company Claims Its Virtual Girlfriends Are the ‘Future of AI Romantic Companionship’

Digi, a new AI-powered chatbot and avatar system, is attempting to redefine the landscape of digital companionship and romantic interaction with AI “girlfriends.” In a trend that will leave young American men even more isolated, the company claims its technology is the “future of AI romantic companionship.”

Readwrite reports that in the evolving realm of artificial intelligence, Digi has emerged as a worrying addition by blending AI with the concept of romantic companionship. This new app, gaining popularity on various platforms, allows users to create personalized avatars and engage in text-based conversations, including with “AI romantic partners.”

Developed by Andrew Young and John Rooney, Digi was founded in April 2023. It offers a unique cartoonish style, aiming to balance realism with a charming appeal to bypass the uncanny valley effect. The creators envision a future where Digi’s capabilities include more advanced interactions, although currently, it is limited to text-based responses.

Young wrote on Twitter: “This has never been done before with Disney or Pixar characters, so we’re very excited we could make it work for the first time in history.”

Despite the excitement around its launch, Digi has faced a mix of reception. While it boasts a growing fanbase, with active users on Discord and notable download numbers on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, it has also encountered criticism.

Users have expressed concerns over technical issues and the need for payment to unlock certain features. The Digi team, acknowledging these challenges, is actively working on improvements, including expanding their server capacity to handle the influx of users.

Breitbart News has previously reported on the growing concerns about the impact of virtual girlfriends and boyfriends on society, with an especially negative impact on young men:

Professor Vittert warns that “America desperately needs people to have more babies, but all the signs are pointing toward fewer relationships, fewer marriages and fewer babies.”

“There have been 600,000 fewer births in 2023 in the U.S. relative to 15 years ago. The number of children per woman has decreased by more than 50 percent in the last 60 years,” Vittery continues.

This means that America will not have enough people in the workforce, and therefore won’t be able to pay its bills.


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