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Report: Golden Globes Awards in Jeopardy Again After Voters Threaten to Withhold Ballots

The ratings-challenged Golden Globes Awards ceremony is reportedly in jeopardy yet again as more than sixty voters are threatening to withhold their final ballots in protest over not receiving tickets to attend the celebrity-filled broadcast set for January 7.

The mutiny represents the latest setback for the beleaguered Globes, which was planning on making a big splash this year on CBS after decades spent on rival NBC.

Now the fate of this year’s telecast appears to be up in the air as sixty-four voters are threatening to withhold their ballots after being told that they will not be given tickets to the Globes ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, according to a report from TheWrap.

The voters are threatening the action after receiving an e-mail from Tim Gray, the former longtime Variety awards journalist who became executive vice president of the Globes in August. His e-mail reportedly informed voters they would be welcome to attend the Globes viewing party, which is set to take place in a different part of the hotel than the actual ceremony.

“I am just in shock,” one member told TheWrap. “We were completely erased, but the award lives on. Highway robbery of the smoothest caliber.”

“Members new and old are upset.”

The Golden Globes currently have 300 voters, which means the boycott would affect a little more than 20 percent of the voters, according to The Wrap.

It remains unclear if and how the show will proceed if a significant chunk of the voting block withholds its ballots.

The bad news comes as producers have so far failed to find a master of ceremonies for the January telecast. Last year’s host was comedian Jerrod Carmichael, whose opening monologue focusing on race elicited a mixture of nervous laughter and stone-cold silence from the live audience.

The broadcast managed to draw a paltry 6.3 million viewers — an all-time low for the Globes.

Like other Hollywood awards shows, the Globes is contending with dwindling viewers as tens of millions of Americans are opting to avoid the garish display of left-wing Hollywood self-worship.

The Globes is still finding its feet after being cancelled in 2022 over the lack of diversity among members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which used to run the annual show before being disbanded earlier this year.

The HFPA was an open joke in Hollywood, consisting of so-called journalists whose professional affiliation was historically closer to junket whore.


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