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America needs Ye in 2024 – By Rory Sauter

Amidst the dynamic tapestry of American politics, the notion of Kanye West running for president emerges as a compelling and transformative prospect.

The idea of celebrities entering the political arena has become more commonplace. One such figure who has sparked both intrigue and skepticism with the notion of a presidential run is none other than Kanye West. While unconventional, a compelling case can be made for why Kanye West should consider running for president, bringing with him a unique perspective and a vision for change.

I. Unconventional Problem Solver:

A. Creative Approaches to Governance:
Kanye West’s career as a groundbreaking musician, fashion designer, and entrepreneur demonstrates his ability to think outside the box. Applying creative problem-solving to the complex challenges of governance could yield innovative solutions that depart from traditional political paradigms.

B. Diverse Skill Set:
Kanye’s diverse skill set, ranging from the arts to business, positions him as a multifaceted candidate. This versatility could prove beneficial in addressing the intricate and interconnected issues facing the nation.

II. Advocate for Mental Health:

A. Personal Experience:
Kanye West has been candid about his own mental health struggles, contributing to the national conversation surrounding mental well-being. As president, he could champion policies aimed at destigmatizing mental health issues and enhancing access to mental health resources for all Americans.

B. Shaping National Discourse:
By leveraging his platform, Kanye could significantly influence the national discourse on mental health, fostering a more empathetic and supportive society. Elevating this critical issue on the political agenda would be a valuable contribution to public welfare.

III. Entrepreneurial Spirit and Economic Innovation:

A. Job Creation and Economic Growth:
Kanye’s success as an entrepreneur and creator of the YEEZY brand exemplifies his understanding of economic principles. His presidency could focus on fostering an environment conducive to job creation and economic growth, leveraging his business acumen for the benefit of the nation.

B. Embracing Technological Advancements:
Kanye West has consistently demonstrated an embrace of technological innovations. As president, he could propel the nation forward by integrating technology into governance, enhancing efficiency, and positioning the United States as a global leader in innovation.

IV. A Voice for the Arts and Culture:

A. Elevating Cultural Perspectives:
Kanye’s background in the arts positions him uniquely to champion the importance of culture and creativity in shaping a nation’s identity. His presidency could place a renewed emphasis on supporting and celebrating diverse cultural expressions, fostering unity through shared artistic experiences.

B. Bridging Divides Through Culture:
By recognizing the unifying power of culture, Kanye West could bridge political and social divides. His ability to connect with people through shared cultural experiences could create a more inclusive and understanding society.

V. Call for Civic Engagement:

A. Mobilizing Younger Generations:
Kanye West’s influence extends across generations, particularly resonating with younger demographics. His candidacy could inspire increased civic engagement among young voters, revitalizing democracy by bringing new voices to the political conversation.

B. Encouraging Political Activism:
As president, Kanye West could encourage a culture of active citizenship, fostering grassroots movements and initiatives that empower individuals to participate in shaping the policies that directly impact their lives.


While the prospect of Kanye West running for president may seem unconventional, it brings with it the potential for fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to governance. His candidacy could reshape the narrative of American politics, elevating critical issues and mobilizing a diverse range of voices. Ultimately, Kanye West’s run for president holds the promise of injecting creativity, empathy, and a commitment to positive change into the nation’s highest office.

By Rory Sauter

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