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Judge Orders New Election in Louisiana Sheriff Race After Finding Illegal Votes

A new election has been ordered in a sheriff’s race in Louisiana after some votes were found to have been unlawfully cast.

“Retired Louisiana Supreme Court justice E. Joseph Bleich ruled Tuesday the results of the election for Caddo Parish Sheriff are void,” reported KTAL News.

“In the Nov. 18 runoff election, Henry Whitehorn defeated candidate John Nickelson by a single vote,” it added. “When the recount occurred, officials found three additional votes for each candidate and Whitehorn remained one vote ahead of his opponent.”

Nickelson, the Republican, filed a lawsuit requesting a special election, alleging that the process had been rushed and that illegal votes were included in the tally, since people voted both by mail and in person. Four judges recused themselves due to their friendship with Nickelson before the Louisiana Supreme Court assigned it to Justice Bleich.

“This runoff election involved a one-vote margin. It was proven beyond any doubt that there were at least 11 illegal votes cast and counted. It is legally impossible to know what the true vote should have been,” Bleich said.

Whitehorn, however, protested that the judiciary should not decide elections in a brief submitted to the First Judicial District Court.

“The judiciary should not decide elections. Louisiana courts have made it clear that the results of an election are to be disturbed only under extraordinary circumstances where a plaintiff introduces compelling evidence that is sufficient to change the result in the election,” said Whitehorn.

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