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Comedian Bill Burr Wants Both Trump and Biden to ‘Die of Natural Causes Before the Election’

Comedian Bill Burr clearly isn’t a fan of either President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump.

In a provocative appearance Tuesday on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Bill Burr expressed a death wish for both men ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“I want somebody in their 40s, somebody that’s gonna have to live with their decisions,” he said. “With any luck, they’ll both die of natural causes before the election and maybe you could get somebody that still has something to live for.”

Jimmy Kimmel appeared stunned by the comment.

“Wow,” Kimmel said. “This year you’re not gonna get a visit from Santa, but you are gonna get a visit from the Secret Service.”

Burr added that he wishes was for them to die “peacefully.”

Watch below:

Biden, who is 81, is currently the oldest serving president in U.S. history.

His tenure as commander in chief has so far been marked by obvious signs of cognitive decline and physical frailty. He has fallen in public several times and frequently becomes confused and incoherent during public speeches, even with a teleprompter.


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