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HBO Planning George Santos Movie from ‘Veep’ Executive Producer

A movie about the life, lies, and crimes of disgraced GOP Congressman George Santos has already been put in the works at HBO with Veep executive producer Frank Rich at the helm.

The movie will reportedly be based on Mark Chiusano’s new book The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos.

“The film, now in development, is described as a forensic and darkly comic look at the crazy, unprecedented congressional race on Long Island that led to Santos being elected to Congress,” noted Deadline. “It comes from Frank Rich, who executive produced HBO’s Emmy-winning Washington DC satire Veep.”

Rich also helped produce the HBO Emmy-winning drama Succession.

“Written by Mike Makowsky, writer-producer of another HBO Emmy winner, Bad Education, the film tells the story of a seemingly minor local race that wound up a battle for the soul of Long Island, and unexpectedly carved the path for the world’s most famous (and now disgraced) congressman,” added Deadline.

The narrative will somewhat model The Great Gatsby in that follows an outsider who exploits a system to become Congressman for one of the wealthiest districts in the United States.

George Santos was expelled from Congress this past Friday in a historic vote after he pleaded not guilty to 23 federal charges, “including allegations of fraud related to Covid-19 unemployment benefits, misusing campaign funds and lying about his personal finances on House disclosure reports,” according to CNN.

New York Republicans led the effort to oust Santos from Congress.

“Nobody takes any joy in this. This is obviously a somewhat historic moment — unprecedented. And that is the election of George Santos, in a nutshell,” said Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY). “I fundamentally believe he’s unfit to serve public office, whether it’s dogcatcher in his local community or here in the halls of Congress.”

“Unfortunately, they voted for someone who — they didn’t even know who it was. It may as well have been a Disney character, because it wasn’t a real person,” said Rep. Anthony D’Esposito (R-NY).

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