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NFL Sells Hats with Woke, Social Justice Slogans for Christmas

The National Football League is still pushing its ultra-left-wing agenda, and this Christmas, the league is offering a brand-new line of hats featuring a series of woke slogans for fans to buy.

On Tuesday, the NFL launched its “2023 Inspire Change Hats” that will feature team logos alongside woke slogans such as “Police Community Relations,” “Criminal Justice Reform,” “Social Justice,” and “Economic Opportunities,” Outkick noted.

This so-called “Inspire Change” program started back in 2020 and is part of the NFL’s efforts to defund the police and push extreme, left-wing “social justice” causes.

For instance, in 2021, it was found that the league had given tens of thousands to activist groups throughout the country.

Some of the millions the NFL donated to its “social justice” efforts included funding for groups such as the Vera Institute of Justice, the Oregon Justice Resource Center, and the Community Justice Exchange. According to a recent investigation into these groups published by Fox News, all three of these groups are heavy supporters of the defund the police movement.

The NFL gave $300,000 to the Oregon Justice Resource Center alone. The league has not disclosed funding allocated to the other two groups.

The National Fraternal Order of Police blasted the league after the revelations of the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated through its “Inspire Change” program that funded anti-police groups that advocate for the end of American police departments.

After the news broke, the National President of the Fraternal Order of Police, Patrick Yoes, condemned the NFL for its activist spending.

“I find it incredibly ironic that NFL teams travel and play every week under the protection of local law enforcement,” Yoes wrote in an X post in December of 2021.

“We have officers in stadiums, parking lots, and even on the sidelines to ensure the safety of the players, team personnel, and, of course, the fans,” Yoes added.

“The NFL pays for this security because they want their venues and attendees to be safe. Now, we learn they are sending thousands of dollars to groups whose mission is to end policing and our justice system,” he added. “How irresponsible is this? If it weren’t such a serious issue, we would just laugh at them and go about our business. But make no mistake, this is a very serious issue.”


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