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Massachusetts AG Launches Abortion, Transgender ‘Care’ Unit

Democrat Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell announced Monday the creation of a “reproductive justice” unit in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in June 2022.

The unit is purportedly designed to ensure the state is a “national leader” in expanding access to abortion and “gender-affirming care,” a euphemism created by left-wing activists intended to make the sexual mutilation sound like a compassionate course of action. The unit will also be “tackling misinformation and disinformation that prevents access to care, working across state lines to respond to national attacks on reproductive health care,” according to a state press release.

“Right-wing, anti-science extremists will not stop until abortion is banned in all 50 states and LGBTQ people, starting with youth, are pushed to the shadows and frankly possibly out of existence,” Campbell told the Boston Herald. “In this unprecedented time, we have an opportunity to make sure Massachusetts remains a beacon for reproductive justice.”

The attorney general’s office hired former University of California Los Angeles Sears Clinical Teaching Fellow and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Fellow Sapna Khatri to head the unit.

“This unit will serve as an important tool to ensure Massachusetts continues to lead the way when it comes to accessing the full suite of sexual and reproductive healthcare,” Khatri said. “That includes, but is definitely not limited to abortion care, maternal health care, gender-affirming care, and preventative care.”

Campbell claimed the unit is needed because some conservative-led states are passing laws to protect unborn babies from abortion and children from gender ideology. She is also responsible for launching an “abortion legal hotline” in collaboration with the ACLU of Massachusetts and other left-wing groups.


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