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Trans High School Runner Dominates Girls Cross Country in Maine

A male high school student in Maine who identifies as transgender competed in the girls’ 5k cross-country competition and dominated.

Soren Stark-Chessa of Maine Coast Waldorf School in Freeport competed as a boy in cross-country as a freshman and was ranked 172nd in the district; one year later, he ran as a girl and shot up to 4th.

“Over the course of the last year, Stark-Chessa transitioned, and now, as a sophomore, races in the girls’ competitions – where [he] is ranked fourth,” noted the Daily Mail. “On Saturday, Stark-Chessa competed in the Maine XC Festival of Champions, in Belfast, and finished fifth.”

Video went viral of Stark-Chessa sprinting to finish with one person yelling, “Way to cheat, bro!”

Stark-Chessa’s female competitors voice outrage to reporters.

“It is not fair to a female who has trained hard,” said one athlete. “Males are biologically faster than females, with testosterone. They need to run under their biological gender.”

A mother named Katherine Collins concurred.

“Men are simply larger, faster, and stronger than their female counterparts,” she said. “To compare, the top-ranked female high school runner in all of New England would only be ranked 47th among high school boys in Maine.”

Stark-Chessa’s school athletics director defended him amid criticism.

“We support all our students at Maine Coast Waldorf School, and are proud that our students are given the opportunity to participate in all of our school programs,” said Susan Sonntag, adding that the school adheres to Maine’s law that prohibits “unlawful educational discrimination.”


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